[Airing] 11eyes


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    [Airing] 11eyes

    Post by kaziru on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:44 pm

    the main character of this anime have a 11 eyes!! lol

    To the main topic.
    Based on the 2 episodes I've seen, I say that they're is alot of
    potential for this anime. Story is good so far, but very vague. We dont
    really know too much of the past's of the main characters, but I know
    that we soon will. I love the characters so far, different peronalities .
    So far I have to say I am
    enjoying this anime and it does leave me wanting to see more. Im mad
    because I found it too early.

    11 eyes is a must see for the fall 09' anime line-up.^_^


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