Guild Rules

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    Guild Rules

    Post by chikvn on Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:31 am

    Okay, so you become one of us eh ? then be sure you will follow our rules.

    1. Guild Rules
    1.1. Be active and friendly
    1.1.1. Active
    Just like other guilds, we need active members. So please be on as much as you can. Well, no need 24/24, but at least log in 1 in a day. If you are away for 7 days, you will be kicked out of guild, but if you have an reason to be away for a long time, then lets us know.
    And you need to lvl up yourself as fast as you can, too. No need to be on top of the server, but if you stay at one lvl too long, you will have to explain about it. There are some special case, like, fisherman, seller or like that.
    1.1.2. Friendly
    Yes, we all in this guild, so don't be shy, open your mouth and chat with the others. Also try to help other member if possible.

    1.2. Rank in guild
    Our rank doesn't depend on lvl, but on how much you contribute to guild. New member will stay as newcomer and regular member. To go up to a higher rank, you need to prove you worth it, dont worry, it is easy.

    1.3. Custome title
    Unlike other guild, in our guild you can use a custom title. But remember, newcomer and apprentice can't use custom title, only SW on their head. If you want to change it, try to up to higher rank.
    And if you don't know wat guild title is, then its the yellow line above player's head.

    2. Forum rules
    1. Every section has its own rule.
    2. Forum rank is the same as in Luna. But if you are willing to moderate forum, you are welcome.
    3. After you register, you will stay as newcomer. Please post a thread on Hall of Glory and hope an admin or mod is online, if no one is on, then it is time to go panic and scream =p

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